Week of June 18th, 2017

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It’s been a wet June at Wasaga Beach, but I continue to enjoy seeing how things change day by day.  Pictures below from daily walks the week of June 18th.

June 18th – We’ve had an awful lot of rain. Various parts of the beach are cut up by run-offs from storm sewers on Shore Lane. Some days you can jump over the small rivers, other days you can’t
June 18th – Sandcastle building competition on Beach one – half a dozen of the castles were spectacular. I chose this one to share.
June 19th – They’re doing a great job getting the beach groomed and in shape for Canada Day.
June 20th – as I started my walk, a beautiful day 
June 20th – 30 minutes later as I reached the boardwalk the sky to the northwest looked like this
June 20th – taken just before I retreated to my truck. Heavy rain and a thunderstorm started minutes after I left the beach.
June 21 – winds from the north again – looks like a September day.
June 23rd – I love that the beach is getting decked out with new amenities. Pleased to see our tax dollars at work! I think these poles and rings are an excellent idea. Taken on a Friday with nobody around.
June 24 – classic cars were on display at the beach today. Mom was back from Manitoulin and joined me for the daily walk. Awesome.
June 24 – more cars – I’m showing only a few – there were literally hundreds of cars in the parking south of the beach one pavilion.
June 24th – more cars along the main strip of Beach one.

Week of June 11th, 2017

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June 11 – looking northwest on Georgian Bay
June 11 – I walk by this house every day on Shore Lane observing it from both sides. Rapid progress! This picture taken from Shore lane (the south side)
June 12th – this was my best picture by far this day. Looking east at the start of my daily walk.
June 13th – Students rent the properties I regularly walk by on the beach. Ben did the same. I was a student too. This causes grief for others though. I’m angered and disgusted by broken tables and litter. This table moved into the lake not so bad I guess. I’ve seen other tables intentionally broken though. All part of the calculus of being a tourist attraction I suppose. I fear that in a civilized society we all pay for, and are stuck with, somebody else’s stupid kid. Eventually we put them in prison and pay even more.
June 16 – simply perfect! Best day of 2017 so far.


Week of June 4th, 2017

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It’s great to be fully into the month of June. I was expecting full summer weather, but we’ve had a very wet spring. Water level I’m told is a full meter higher than normal.  In case you are wondering why Wasaga beach looks “tiny” this is the reason.  Because of flooding in Ottawa and the Saint Lawrence, the clever folks that control water levels in the great lakes cannot lower water levels yet. Last year at the narrowest point there was at least 50 feet of beach. This year, often less than 10 feet.

June 4th – overcast day looking northwest across the bay.

The beach critters are slowly re-emerging. I spent a fair amount of time observing this turtle below. I spotted him (or her) at a distance. Walking toward the boardwalk at a pretty good clip. As I got close, no movement at all. Even on the return trip after 15 minutes, the turtle was hunkered down.

On June 5th I came across a turtle making his or her way across the beach.

My usual route is to walk from 18th street to beach one near South Beach Restaurant. A spot Michelle and I recommend by the way. On June 6th I ventured a little further east.  Parts of the beach are closed to protect the habitat of “Piping Plovers”. Good thing Donald Trump (noted environmentalist) is not aware of this area or he would likely call in an air strike – kind of joking I guess.

On June 6th I wandered to the east side of Beach One. Learned a lot about Piping Plovers. I’m all for protecting these little guys.
June 7 – The beach was spectacular today. Chose this picture to tell the story.

With Canada’s 150th anniversary around the corner, the beach is getting a facelift! I was delighted to see fresh paint and cool colors across several businesses at Beach One.  These guys obviously got together and agreed on colors. Looks great.  Kudos to the town of Wasaga Beach.

June 8th – Wasaga beach facelift

My nephews Braydon and Regan work on the beach. I’ve met Braydon several times walking down the  beach and always forget to snap a picture up close. Braydon leaving in his four wheeler.

Walking down the beach the morning of June 9th 2017 before driving to Ottawa to support our friends in the ALS walk


Team Parsons in Ottawa on the Parkway near the war museum. We’re proud of our friend Brian for all he did for others before he passed away from ALS
The highlanders getting ready. Ottawa is such a beautiful place.
The Parliament buildings in the background as we return from the ALS walk.
Team Parsons met up after the walk at “the mill”. The Mill restaurant was an icon in Ottawa when we lived there prior to 2,000. It was sadly closed, but Mill Street Brewery cleverly purchased the property. A wonderful spot! Highly recommended.