Wasaga Beach – 365 days a year

Welcome friends.

Late in December 2016, I decided to make it a new year’s resolution to walk down Wasaga Beach every day for a year. For me, walking down the beach never gets old.  I see new and interesting things every day.

My resolution was mostly motivated by a desire to stay active over the winter months, and despite my lack of talent as a photographer, I started to churn out some interesting pictures.  Most people know Wasaga Beach (the world’s longest freshwater beach) as a summer destination, but I’m finding it to be a place to be enjoyed all year around. The winter months are particularly interesting with daily changes in the ice.

I registered Wasaga365.com mid-January of 2017 and this project was born. The site has continued to evolve, and my one year effort has morphed into a multi-year diary of daily walks down the beach.

Generally I take a dozen or so pictures every day walking down the beach so I’ve only posted about ten percent or so of the pictures I have. Sometimes it is hard to find the best picture on an interesting day. Other days when it is rainy or dreary, I post a rather uninteresting picture just to prove I was there.

I hope you enjoy this site.

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