Week of March 19th 2017

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High 4 -1 10 -4 4 11 4
Low -2 8 -2 -9 -9 0 0

I keep thinking the ice will be gone any day now, but it’s persistent. I think ice must be coming in with the wind. You can see what looks like a line of ice far from shore.

March 20th – This morning out past the ice berm there was large chunks of ice.

March 22nd was the highlight of the week.  I saw the same folks that were para-sailing on skis a month ago (As in the week of February 12th) out shooting up and down the beach in wheeled buggies.  (The same buggies that had skis attached previously)

The pictures don’t show it, but it was cold with a strong north wind. They were travelling about as fast as a person could bike, so I barely had time time to snap a few pictures before they were gone.  They were travelling the full length of the beach.  They obviously had excellent control of the sails.  I’m sure this is tougher than it looks.

March 22: Two vehicles with para-sails attached heading toward me from Beach One

The driver was all decked out in a snowsuit and ski goggles.  I froze my hands just taking the picture.

The driver waved at me. He was travelling at a pretty good clip

I caught the picture below as the sleds were receding.  There are some fair sized logs scattered on the beach and a few significant chunks of ice that could do damage, so they had to have their wits about them.

After two minutes they were almost out of sight heading west
March 23rd: Seeing the beach sand you can almost convince yourself it is a summer day (except not a leaf on a tree of course)

On March 24th I snapped a picture of the summer homes below.  Everything is shuttered up. The front yards that are unprotected by the plywood shield walls you see elsewhere on the beach are covered with sand.  The sand extends all the way across the street on Shore Lane.  It’s hard to grow grass unless you can shield it from the wind.

March 24th: Two of the summer homes I walk by every day

Despite warmer weather I think the ice is going to be around for another week or two yet.  Funny how some days you see open water in the bay and other days it is frozen again.  Things can change dramatically just overnight.

March 25: The weather back to being grey, windy and a little depressing