Week of September 3rd, 2017

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I’m posting these pictures the day that Hurricane Irma is sweeping up Florida’s gulf coast threatening to do so much damage.  I sure hope everyone is OK.  Mom and Dad have been in touch with many of their friends at Rice Creek Trailer Park in Riverview near Tampa where they’ve wintered for 18 years.  Everyone is wondering whether they will still have a home. Especially tough for the year round residents that are still there.  We’re concerned for a few people who have decided to shelter in place.

Riverview doesn’t appear to be threatened by the storm surge according to the NOAA NHC maps, but clearly, the Tampa area will not be the same after today’s storm.

Everyone is back to school this week. We’ve had a week of mostly cool weather and Labor Day was surprisingly quiet on the beach. It’s a little sad to see things winding down, but there are nice things about every time of year.

Sunday, Sept 3rd, 2017 – Labor Day Weekend. I was shocked how few people were on the beach for the long weekend.
Sunday, Sept 03, 2017 – Looking to the west
Monday, Sept 4, 2017 – Heading toward beach one looking east on Labor Day Monday.
Tuesday, Sept 5 – a spectacular day. Looking Northeast toward Christian Island.
Tuesday, Sept 5, 2017 – I have no idea where all these people came from on a Tuesday. The holiday Monday was deserted on Beach One, and today it is packed with young people. Amazing the difference a warm day makes
Wednesday, Sept 06, 2017. I think this is one of my favorite pictures this week. Lots of us out trying to enjoy the beach before the “monsoons” hit from the west. You can see the rain in Collingwood. The system was slow moving though, and I managed to get all the way to Beach One and back without getting soaked. Big drops started just as I got to the truck.
Friday, Sept 8th, 2017 – Decided to cut across the parking lot to get a bottle of Red at the LCBO. It is Friday afternoon after all!
Saturday, Sept 9, 2017 – for a change of scenery, early Saturday morning I decided to walk along the Oxbow part of the Nottawasaga River. Tough hiking through the bush in many areas. Lots of hills!
Saturday, Sept 9, 2017 – In the provincial park area still making my way along the River.
Saturday Sept 9 2017 – In the afternoon I decided to go for a second walk tracing my regular route. The sun is a little lower on the horizon late afternoon.
Saturday Sept 9 2017 – Looking west toward Blue Mountain
Saturday, Sept 9, 2017 – Always lots of cars to admire on Shore Lane. First time in several months I’ve seen this 57 Lincoln in the driveway.