Week of March 1st, 2020

Weekly Temperature
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Mar 01 Mar 02 Mar 03 Mar 04 Mar 05 Mar 06 Mar 07
High 5.2 8.7 5.8 4.6 6.5 3.9
Low -15.3 -4.4 -6.6 -0.7 -1.5 -0.7

Lots of snow over the past week. With highly daily temperatures, much of the new snow was gone by late in the week however.

Sunday, March 1st, 2020 – I was passed by a snow machine on my way from 18th street to beach one. It’s easier to walk on the snow mobile trails because they are packed down.
Sunday, March 1st, 2020 – Looking west towards Blue Mountain. Open water in the distance. The temperatures have been ridiculously warm for this time of year.
Monday, March 2nd 2020 – Looking across the Bay from near 16th street. The ice tends to chew up tree branches that floats in and gets caught in moving ice – note the branches in the foreground.
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 – Another warm day, but strangely I was able to walk down the snowmobile path without getting my feet wet – little slush.
Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 – The melt became visible today. The sun warms the wooden boardwalk creating huge puddles. Taken near 5th street along the boardwalk at Beach 2.
Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 – Looking west across an open boardwalk – first time in a couple of months.
Thursday, March 5th, 2020 – I walked down the snowmobile trails today. A little slushy but surprisingly firm given the warm temperatures. White snow doesn’t absorb a lot of sunlight!
Thursday, March 5th, 2020 – The snowbanks from last weeks snow storms are melting quickly. Taken west of 13th street walking along Shore Lane.