Week of April 9th 2017

Weekly Temperature
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Apr 9 Apr 10 Apr 11 Apr 12 Apr 13 Apr 14 Apr 15
High 22 23 12 5 7 9 24
Low 4 5 2 2 0 -2 3

We had crazy warm temperatures this week. My ice-walking days are done until November at the earliest I think.

The cold water and warm air creates some interesting effects including “ground level” mist / clouds along the beach.  You can see the mist in the distance in some of the pictures below.  Reminds me of Sea Fog visiting Jacky and Reg in Cape Breton.

This week included the Easter weekend!  Good Friday was April 14th and Easter Sunday was April 16th.  Incredible how we go from seeing nobody to seeing everybody – Easter Weekend was almost like summer with everyone coming north from Toronto to open cottages and hang-out.

April 9 – mild temperatures – this picture looking east in the general direction of Midland where one of my favorite former neighbors hails from.
April 10 – This is some of the ground level fog I describe above.  Warm air meets water just above freezing.  The mist is cold when you walk through it.
April 13 – A cold Thursday, but sunny and clear – Looking northeast from behind the dunes. I’ve come to appreciate the need to protect the fragile grass you see in this picture.
April 14 – Good Friday Volleyball – Amazing how whenever there is a holiday the beach comes alive with young people. So cool. I was wearing layers to stay warm and saw kids in bathing suits trying to get in the water (I recall doing the same but didn’t take a picture for fear of looking creepy)
April 14 – My Mom and I walk together when she is not in Florida or on Manitoulin Island. This was a beautiful Saturday and we found ourselves a little depressed that nothing was open at Beach One. Despite the nice weather, too early.
April 14 – Walking back from Beach one this small plane strafed the beach. I recognize the Aircraft – they fly from the Aerodome on Hwy 26. I saw the same plane twice over the winter.