Week of August 6th, 2017

Weekly Temperature
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Aug 6 Aug 7 Aug 8 Aug 9 Aug 10 Aug 11 Aug 12
High 22 21 25 22 29 26 22
Low 14 14 11 15 14 17 16

Sunday morning I was itching to get out on the Kayak.  Michelle and I tried to head to beach one to launch it, but we ended up turning around. This was the August long weekend and I’ve never seen the beach so crowded. We literally couldn’t get a spot to park close enough to the water so we ended up turning around.

I ended up taking the Kayak down for my first run on Tuesday August 8th. I’m afraid my first trip was not successful. I misjudged the waves, and went out in whitecaps even when I shouldn’t have. Long story short, I was out about fifteen minutes and manage to swamp the Kayak and land in the water even though I had meant to stay dry. I scared myself in the process.

Luckily my phone and wallet were OK despite being submerged. I’m not as good a kayaker as I though apparently. Thankfully I don’t have any pictures because I was by myself.

Sunday August 6th – ready to head to beach one
Monday August 7th – the holiday Monday was a little rainy
Wednesday August 9th – This was the day I should have kayaked down the beach instead
Thursday August 10 – The backside of the slides setup for the 5K foamfest taking place on Saturday
Thursday August 10 – It’s going to be quite the event – an elaborate setup.
Thursday August 10 – Obstacle course setup along the boardwalk
Friday August 11 – Friday night I scouted launch spots on the River side of the peninsula where I could safely launch the Kayak and try again Saturday. Spotted this new sign I had not seen before at the east end of beach one. Cool!
Saturday August 12 – OK, so I took the kayak out again on Saturday morning early around 8:00 AM and had better luck. I got up and down the river from Nancy Island to the river mouth.  It’s more stable with the rudder properly down and working. There were whitecaps again on Georgian Bay, so I was a little too spooked to kayak around the point to watch Foamfest from the north side so I ended up walking down beach instead later that morning.
Saturday August 12 – Shortly after 10:00 AM I came across some tired looking participants!
Saturday August 12 – participants crawling under the wires towards the east end of the obstacle course near the turnaround point.
Saturday August 12 – Obstacle course comprised of inner tubes right near the Foamfest turnaround point

Week of July 30th, 2017

Weekly Temperature
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
July 30 July 31 Aug 01 Aug 02 Aug 03 Aug 04 Aug 05
High 25 23 25 26 22 24 19
Low 20 18 16 17 18 18 15
Sunday July 30 – For some reason the seagulls decided to have a meeting at beach 3 near 14th street.
Sunday July 30 – Looking from the boardwalk to the west toward Collingwood on Sunday morning.
Monday July 31 – The beach was bust all week this week, even on weekdays. Obviously prime holiday season.
Tuesday Aug 1 – Looking over the sand dunes near beach two to the northwest
Wednesday Aug 2nd – Another crowded day. In places I find myself taking the trails through the bush to avoid the crowds.
Wednesday Aug 2nd – Another sandcastle in progress at Beach two
Wednesday Aug 2nd – I ran into my nephew Regan on beach patrol. He works for the park services and stopped to pose for a picture.
Thursday Aug 3rd – Can’t explain why the beach is so empty today. Beach one and two were busy but I had beach three all to myself.
Friday Aug 4th – more progress still on the construction I’ve been watching all month – starting the second story at the condos near 18th street.
Friday Aug 4th – Unsettled weather today. Almost looked like a fall day
Friday Aug 4th – Storm clouds from our back yard out to the east.
Saturday Aug 5th – Ta da! Finally got the missing part to install my new truck rack so I can carry the Kayak.
Saturday Aug 5th – OK – so I was going to go kayaking today, but not the right day I’m afraid. Very high winds and waves.
Saturday Aug 5th – This is the storm surge effect they talk about – the north winds were literally pushing the water in towards shore. In places there was nowhere to walk without getting wet.
Saturday Aug 5th – One of the widest parts of beach three had waves coming all the way up.

The evening of Saturday August 5th I went down the beach again hoping it had calmed down and I could try launching my Kayak. No such luck I’m afraid. I ended up posting a lot of pictures.  I think the evening of Saturday August 5th was one of the most stunning days all year.  Simply spectacular.  I decided to walk down the beach anyway even thought it meant getting pretty wet with the wind and waves

Evening Saturday August 5th – First summer day I’ve seen where waves were coming all the way up to the boardwalk on beach two. Picture looking north across Georgian Bay
Evening Saturday August 5th – Normally this is a wide part of the beach and this picnic table is high and dry. This picture looking east shows how high the water is pushed by the north winds.
Evening Saturday August 5th – Looking east. Almost no beach to walk on
Evening Saturday August 5th – Looking to the northwest towards Collingwood. The winds are dropping but the waves are still high.
Evening Saturday August 5th – A windy sunset looking toward the North West. The reflect of the sun made the water almost too bright to look at.

Week of July 23rd, 2017

Weekly Temperature
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
July 23 July 24 July 25 July 26 July 27 July 28 July 29
High 25 19 21 22 22 21 24
Low 18 16 16 15 18 16 13

I got back from Manitoulin Island on Sunday, and resumed my daily walks down the beach on Monday.  It was nice to have some overcast days for a change that are a little less hot.

It seems that when the sun disappears, the beach gets a lot less crowded.

Monday July 24 – looking across the bay towards Blue Mountain
Monday July 24 – Taken just west of 13th on the way back from Beach One heading towards Shore Lane
Wednesday July 26 -They’re still grooming the whole length of the beach every day.  The water level is high and they’ve had to reclaim what was previously a grassy area.
Wednesday July 26 -The Wasaga Beach map right at the east end of the westerly boardwalk
Wednesday July 26 – Walking back through the provincial park for a change of scenery
Thursday July 27 – I’ve been watching them build new condos right near my 18th street parking lot. Framing the first floor today.
Thursday July 27 – Freshly graded, it was hard to walk on the beach today – similar to walking in snow in the winter!
Thursday July 27 – Looking west from beach one at a volleyball game in progress
Friday July 28 – early morning looking out our back deck – awesome sunrise
Saturday July 29 – Unfortunately the picture doesn’t capture how big this sandcastle was!
Saturday July 29 – Second visit to the beach in the evening before sunset
Saturday July 29 – Leaving the beach to walk back home on the roads