Week of September 17th, 2017

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Low 16 18 17 18 15 16 19

We enjoyed participating in the Terry Fox walk again this year on September 17th.

Sunday, Sept 17th, 2017 – Team Sissons prior to the 2017 Terry Fox Run. This is a great cause that my brother suggested we join and we’ve supported this since moving to the beach.
Monday. September 18th, 2017 – Looking east near the start of my daily walk down the beach. September is my favorite month. It is warm, but the beach is often deserted.
Wednesday, Sept 20th, 2017 – another ridiculously beautiful day for September. Looking northeast across Nottawasaga Bay on Georgian Bay.
Wednesday, Sept 20th, 2017 – Looking east from beach one toward the volleyball nets. A ridiculously nice day for September.
Wednesday, Sept 20th, 2017 – Looking west from my 18th street entree to the beach
Thursday, September 20th, 2017 – the bush trail to Shore Lane from 13th street.
Saturday, Sept 23rd, 2017 – Just like a summer day during my noon walk today. This picture was taken looking northwest from the west end of the boardwalk at Beach 2