Week of June 18th, 2017

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It’s been a wet June at Wasaga Beach, but I continue to enjoy seeing how things change day by day.  Pictures below from daily walks the week of June 18th.

June 18th – We’ve had an awful lot of rain. Various parts of the beach are cut up by run-offs from storm sewers on Shore Lane. Some days you can jump over the small rivers, other days you can’t
June 18th – Sandcastle building competition on Beach one – half a dozen of the castles were spectacular. I chose this one to share.
June 19th – They’re doing a great job getting the beach groomed and in shape for Canada Day.
June 20th – as I started my walk, a beautiful day
June 20th – 30 minutes later as I reached the boardwalk the sky to the northwest looked like this
June 20th – taken just before I retreated to my truck. Heavy rain and a thunderstorm started minutes after I left the beach.
June 21 – winds from the north again – looks like a September day.
June 23rd – I love that the beach is getting decked out with new amenities. Pleased to see our tax dollars at work! I think these poles and rings are an excellent idea. Taken on a Friday with nobody around.
June 24 – classic cars were on display at the beach today. Mom was back from Manitoulin and joined me for the daily walk. Awesome.
June 24 – more cars – I’m showing only a few – there were literally hundreds of cars in the parking south of the beach one pavilion.
June 24th – more cars along the main strip of Beach one.