Week of July 2nd, 2017

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This was one of the best weekends of the summer. We had the Canada celebrations yesterday, and I was talking a long weekend with the US holiday on July 4th.

Sunday July 2nd – what a glorious day to hang out by the pool!
July 4th – walking down the beach at 5:30 AM – hoping to watch the sunrise
Early morning July 4th – Beach drive us pretty quiet this time of day
July 4th early morning – Sun was just becoming visible around 6:00 AM as I turned around to head back to 18th street
July 4th, a second walk in the evening, taken from east of the Beach One pavilion and the bridge looking south across the Nottawasaga river.
Walking down the beach a second time July 4th. Considerably quieter than Canada Day, but lots of people still out and about.
Evening of July 4th – I don’t usually walk down this part of the beach. This is east of Beach One where there is a separate boardwalk. The fences are there to protect Piping Plovers, a rare species of Bird that is protected.
Walking down the beach July 5th. They just don’t many days better than this one!
July 7th – another picture perfect day – from the boardwalk looking west
July 7th – near where I park at Shore Lane and 18th street at the municipal lot they are building town homes. It will be fun to watch the progress.
July 8th – water was rough today. Sadly, just as I got back from my walk, I learned that two people drowned near the outlet of the river. I must have just missed this. It’s easy to forget how dangerous the lake can be.