Week of May 28th, 2017

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The beach continues to come alive day by day.

It is so cool to see how things change with the season.  The businesses are beginning to open again even on weekdays although it is still hit and miss depending on the weather.

It is a completely different place than it was back in January.

May 28th – always lots of cool cars to see on Beach one if you wait long enough
May 28th – Renovations to the roof of Paddlesurf are complete – they are no open for business.  The grass roof concept was awesome but apparently this doesn’t worth on Georgian Bay. The grass replaced by awesome looking new shingles. This is a great business and I need to try this out.
May 29th – you rarely see the bay this calm. So many incredible pictures today I had a hard time choosing my favorites. The one above taken near my regular parking spot at 18th street.
May 29th – looking down the boardwalk toward Beach one on a stupid perfect day. Incredible to still have the beach almost to myself.
May 30th – a little cooler weather. This picture looking northwest toward Collingwood. Nobody on the beach again today.
May 31st – Michelle and I made a second trip the beach one the same day running errands – caught this view of the sunset shortly after 9:00 pm. 
May 31 – Michelle took this picture of me at beach one as the sunset was fading. Cold wind from the north. There were actually people in the water – they’re made of tougher stuff than me.
June 1st – another great day. You can see how high the great lakes are in this photo – a full meter above normal I’m told. Apparently they cannot lower water levels at the locks due to flooding in Gatineau and other parts of Quebec. Lake Ontario is high also.  I think we can expect higher than normal water levels for the summer which makes the beach smaller than usual.
June 3rd – I walked down the beach twice on the third as well. This picture taken from the boardwalk just west of the beach one area.

Week of May 21st 2017

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May 21 May 22 May 23 May 24 May 25 May 26 May 27
High 14 15 18 16 14 14 17
Low 9 8 6 9 11 9 10

May was a month of record rain at Wasaga Beach.  Enjoyed go cart races down at Beach one during the weekend.

May 21st at Shore Lane near 18th street. We’ve had record levels of rain this month.
Mom joined me for a walk May 25. Rained steady without a break. My mom is very cool – like me she actually enjoys this and finds it interesting.
May 26th (our wedding anniversary) was very cool. A clear day, but cold air coming in from the bay to the north. The sand was actually steaming!
I was following this nice lady on the boardwalk. I was trying not to look creepy. The fog was localized to the sand.
May 26th – hard to believe unless you are there, but this pic tells the tale I suspect.
On Saturday May 27th (Ben’s birthday) I came across an awesome go-cart race at Beach One. Hats off to the local sponsors for supporting this – watched this for 30 minutes.
May 27th – very cool. I can’t believe the effort that went into every go cart.


Week of May 14th 2017

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May 14 May 15 May 16 May 17 May 18 May 19 May 20
High 12 14 22 30 30 10 18
Low 4 7 6 14 13 4 2

I’ve become friends in my daily walks with a talented kite-surfer (Jordan) that lives along Shore Lane. I’m amazed by these guys – Even in the winter, as long as the bay is open, I see kite-surfers along Wasaga Beach.

May 14th – Another day with strong north winds – the wind-surfers at it again. I met these folks just to each east of Beach one – further than I usually walk.
May 14th – People are brave to be out on the water.  High of twelve degrees today.  This picture taken late morning so single digits.
May 15th – another windy day. I’m almost getting bored of seeing wind surfers – LOL.
May 16th – A rare calm day.  Pleasant walk up and down the beach today. Something to be said for silence.
May 16 – on a different front, after opening our pool the week before, chemicals finally OK and safe to use. My son Jamie taking his first dive of the season. The water was 58 degrees before we heated it to a balmy 82.
May 18th – a truly spectacular day. Notice the clouds – looks like July!
May 18th – I often walk down the beach from west to east and come back on Shore Lane. I always admire this house @ 16th street.  With the GTA real estate nonsense, these homes on the beach are worth a lot of money.
May 20th – Welcome to the Victoria Day weekend. Starting to see customers renting the hundreds of cottages and rental properties I pass every day.