Week of June 25th, 2017

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A great fireworks show at Wasaga Beach for Canada Day.  Jamie and I hiked down from 18th street to watch the show as it got dark.

June 25th – simply spectacular. I’ve waited all year for perfect days like today.
June 26 – I don’t think this picture tells the story. I could literally see the rain coming across the bay.
June 26 – I’m usually amazed how there is no mud on the beach. Today was a different story. When the rain came it was so heavy the beach was flooded.
June 28th – I haven’t seen his bird before on the beach.
June 28th – I managed to get an action shot as it took off to get away from me with kayaks in the background
June 30th – for a change of pace, I went for my beach walk at 5:30 AM before starting work. I was hoping to see the sunrise, but this time of year I was a little too late.
June 30th – seagulls were my only company this time of day just before 6:00 AM
June 30th – early morning – The Stage for the Canada Day performances setup and ready to go.
July 1st – Beach One is a happening place. I previously though these trailers were rental accommodations, but turns out they are for vendors – how cool!
July 1st – a nice lady took a picture of me, Jamie and Michelle (left to right) all decked out for Canada Day.
July 1st – Jamie and I headed out later that evening for the big celebration – we decided to walk my usual route. It looks so different with the sun setting.
July 1st – we timed our walk so we’d get there just before the fireworks – sun sets a little after 9:00 PM this time of year.
July 1st – the main stage at the beach for the Canada 150 celebration. Beach was more packed than I’ve ever seen it.
July 1st – the fireworks were just awesome. I’m surprised they let us get so close. I took a million pictures but this one warrants a video instead!