Week of February 5th, 2023

Weekly Temperature
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Feb05 Feb06 Feb07 Feb08 Feb09 Feb10 Feb11
High 5.3 0.7 8.2 7.6 5.2 4.9 3.3
Low -6.2 -7.7 -6.3 -2.3 -15.5 -4.4 -6 5

With daytime highs well above freezing, the bay isn’t getting cold enough to freeze. So far this is least shore ice we’ve had on Georgian Bay since I moved to Wasaga Beach in 2015.

Sunday, February 5th, 2923 – Looking out on the ice with the Blue Mountains in the background.
Monday, February 6th, 2023 – Walking along a snowy beach in the evening near 57th street.
Tuesday, February 7th, 2023 – Strange how the beach is back to sand, but there is still lots of ice far out from shore. The crashing waves creates the ice berms in the distance.
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023 – an awesome evening walk back from Beach 6. Look west as the sun sets.
Thursday, February 9th, 2023 – the beach is thawing. The sand was very wet day the entire length of the beach.
Thursday, February 10th, 2023 – on my way to Beach one over the noon hours looking east near 13th street. More wet weather as the snow melts.
Friday, February 11th – one of the rare days it was OK to walk out on the ice this year. We got down to about -15C overnight and that was cold enough to freeze evertything solid again and make for slippery conditions.
Saturday, February 12th, 2023 – A messy loooking beach one. Two years after the high water the beach is still recovering. The project this winter has been to clear the sand off of beach one now that the great lakes water levels are down.